Weston Homes Sold During March 2013

As of today April 11, 2013 there are only 186 active listings in Weston.  This means that we have less than 3 months of inventory based on closed sales (Seller’s Market) putting a lot of pressure in prices.

After a few months of almost 50% Cash Transactions this month we have a percentage that seems to be more reasonable. Cash transactions distort the market since most of them are not subject to appraisal. Even though many times in financed transactions buyers are willing to pay above appraised value at least there is a bench mark to negotiations on a new purchase price.

Distressed Sales (Short Sales & Foreclosures) have kept the pace in the 30% range. What we have noticed is a reduced number of new distressed listing entering the market.

Weston Homes Sold March 2013

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What Should You Expect From Your Real Estate Agent?

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I was reading an article from KCM BLOG-Steve Harney about Real Estate New’s Market Reality and I found very interesting that that’s the way we have always seen our business. We as agents, more than provide readily available information, have to provide you with interpretation of what that information means. While many agents were scaring their Seller’s that prices would be going down we were posting stats showing the trend that actually became our Market Reality. Of course we have to look at closed sales and those would be the comparable sales appraisers will look at; but when we lack inventory we know that Seller’s expectations are higher that past sales and prices will tend to increase.

We are very skeptical of nationwide data provided by the media, since every sub-market behaves differently. As we have mentioned before, Weston was one of the lasts markets to feel the pain “when the music stopped” as a fellow realtor refers to, and one of the firsts to start the recovery.

” Your role as a real estate professional is similar to the role of the doctor and lawyer. You can’t give buyers or sellers perfect advice because you don’t know what’s going to happen—you can’t know the future. However, you can give excellent advice based on the information and situation at hand. You can guide them through the process and help them make the necessary changes along the way. and that’s exactly what your clients want…and deserve

” You shouldn’t be trying to convince someone to do something (that’s what salespeople do); instead, you should be helping your clients discover what their options are, explaining the pros and cons of each of those options, and then letting them make the decision that is best for them and their families. That’s what a trusted advisor, with the heart of a teacher does.

Working with agent that knows your market and have the experience to provide expert advice all the way through the transaction, will make your life much easier.

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Apples and Pears Can’t be Compared!

Weston Real Estate and National Housing Market

Even though Apples and Pears are both fruits they definitely taste completely different. I totally understand that when National Real Estate Data is released it shows trends but savy consumers know that Real Estate is Local in nature , actually hyper local…

Even within an specific area the market changes based on price range, subdivision, age and condition of the properties. I have had out of town buyers coming to Weston, Florida thinking they can get a bargain but they don’t exist. You can find good buys but not steals. Matt Ferrara posted a very interesting article about the topic…

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Weston Real Estate Single Family Homes Sold September 2009

33.3% of Single Family Homes Closed Cash

As of Sept. 30th 2009 these are the number of closed sales and active listings reported in the MLS. Some additional sales might be updated in the next few days.

As we can see even though only 3% of the active listings are Foreclosures the market look eagerly for them, they last in average less than 1 month in the market. Sometimes only days receiving multiple offers.

The number of cash transactions is amazing! A total of 17 transactions closed CASH. A few properties closed above listed price.

Based on Closed Sales we have 7.23 Months of Inventory (Balanced Market)

Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes

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