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Even Dogs Enjoy Living in Weston Florida

Dogs doing what they do best.

Yappie Hour Events and Barkham Park

I found an interesting article at the Weston Gazette about an event at Hyatt Regency Bonaventure for Dogs and their owners. It takes place every Thursday from 5:00PM to 7:00PM at the Hotel’s Cabanna .
Puppies get to enjoy appetizers created by Executive Chef Bob Axenfeld and ALL YOU CAN DRINK Water!

For a couple of years now Weston’s dog-owners can take their loved pets to Markham Park for networking purposes at the Barkham Park.

I don’t have Dogs and obviously I am not one; but I guess if I were to have or be a dog I would love to live in Weston as much as I do.

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Biking in Weston Florida

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Weston is a Biker’s Paradise!

In Weston all main streets have biking lanes and drivers in general are very aware of the numbers of bikers that share the streets with them. It is not unusual to run across a pack of bikers from the Weston Flyers or the South Broward Wheelers. Some of the routes include a portion on State RD 84 but even though is great because there are no stops the lanes used by bikers are very narrow and cars go very fast making it riskier.

“Weston has over 46 miles of dedicated bike lanes within our City, making Weston one of the premier areas in south Florida in which to bike. Bike lanes are a portion of the roadway, which has been designated by striping and pavement markings, for the use of bicycles.  Bicyclists have the same rights as motorists and as such must obey all vehicular traffic laws.  Weston has provided an interconnected system of safe bike lanes, multipurpose paths and shaded sidewalks for pedestrian travel throughout the City.”
Source: City of Weston Parks’ Brochure

If you are into Mountain Biking at Markham Park you will find 11 miles of mountain bike trails for novice, intermediate and advanced bikers. You have to register the first time at the Park’s Office and wear a helmet.


I started biking about one year ago and enjoy it very much. Some times I get bored of taking the same route. I found this wonderful collection of possible bike routes that gave me ideas for my next rides

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Free Wi-Fi in Weston at the Regional Park

weston regional park at weston, fl

On May 22 nd. 2009 the City of Weston activated Wi-Fi providing park visitors free Internet access.

Weston Regional Park comprises 102 acres it is the home of the Weston Community Center, the Sheinberg YMCA and the following Sports Facilities:

  • 8 – Baseball / Softball fields
  • 8 – Football / Soccer fields
  • 8 – Basketball courts
  • 4 – Full size roller hockey rinks
  • 3 – Junior size roller hockey rinks
  • 1 – Skate Park
  • 2 – Playgrounds
  • 2 – Sand volleyball courts
  • Around the park you will find 5 concession stands with restrooms, Picnic Shelters with tables and grills, an exercise trail and water fountains. The park has 1,300 parking spaces.

    The Community Center organizes activities for all ages thoughout the year and Room rentals are available on Saturdays. For additional information call 954-389-4321

    The YMCA offers a full gym, pool, indoors Basketball courts, plenty of exercise classes and what I find very unique… unlimited Spinning classes (something that must be paid separately in most clubs)

     Shelter rentals/reservations are available for the Weston Regional Park by calling the Weston Community Center at 954-389-4321.

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    The History of Weston at The Library Park

    At a glace, for many of us,Weston’s background might seem brief. However, looking deeper into it Weston’s  history goes way beyond its incorporation as a City in 1997

    Ten  Bronze Plaques that you will find along the Library Park walkways its Weston’s Walk Thru History .

    Library Park-Weston Fl

    Library Park-Weston Fl

    “40,000 to 250,000 years ago, the Savanna area we know Today as the City of Weston, in Broward County Florida was home to prehistoric creatures.
    Archaelogists found fossil fragments indicating the area provided sufficient plant and water resources to support animal life. Investigations have determined that Pleistocene Horse, Mastodon, Elephant and Bison roamed the grasslands and trees of the area.
    10,000 to 12,000 years ago, Fossil evidence indicates the presence of man in the eastern everglades…”

    Don’t think I will tell you the whole story…go walk and discover it for yourself. Don’t miss the wise quotes around the fountain. I live close by and when I discover the Park I realized how much we have in our City that we don’t know of.

    This Video was created by The City of Weston


    Weston Library Park is the perfect place to go and spend time peacefully.  Three beautiful gazebos are often used as an outdoor venue for Library events and by avid readers to scape everyday stress. Free WI-FI access!!!


    View to Weston's Library



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    Spring Egg Hunt at Weston Saturday April 11…Please BYOB

    BYOB=Bring Your Own Basket

    Weston Regional Park Royal Egg Hunt starts at 10 A.M.
    For Children 10 and under; 3 age groups will be hunting for 17,000 candy filled eggs.

    The Home Depot Spring Egg Hunt from 10 A.M to 11 A.M
    For those “Multitask-er” parents that need to hunt for some Spring Deals while their kids play. Egg Hunt will take place at the Garden Department.
    For Childern ages 2 to 12.

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    Vista Park-Weston FL

    [slideshow id=3]

    No Sun-Block needed in the playground! Well bring it anyway …. I can’t contradict your Doctor’s instructions!!!

    Vista Park is Located at 18800 Vista Park Blvd next to Cypress Bay High School. It is open every day from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. It is a 30 acre Community Park with 4 Baseball/Softball fields, 4 Football/Soccer fields, Concession/Restroom Building and a shaded playground area.

    Relax and enjoy a quiet park. Having the opportunity to let the kids play protected will give you the freedom to take them to the park at anytime. The groungs are manicure perfect as every green area in Weston.

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