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I Love Tacos – Mexican Restaurant in Weston

I Love Tacos Weston

Weston’s newest place. I Love Tacos True Mexican food…not the typical Tex-Mex!

I found it by chance three days after opening and decided to give it a try. I was lucky to meet Monica (one of the owners), a charming Venezuelan that speaks Spanish as if she was born in Mexico. She had me try a few things including the cochinita pibel and a cheese cream to dip the tortilla chips in, both were delicious. She suggested I order Los Sopes and I loved them too. After that day I have been back several times and I think I have tasted almost everything in the menu including their selection of flavored Margaritas. When you visit them don’t miss trying their hibiscus-iced tea and their cheese with sausage; even the Coffee is good.

This is their second location; they have another one in Pembroke Pines. The chef is Omar Covarrubias originally from Mexico. The decor is informal with a lot of fun details to keep you entertained.

I heard that sometimes they even have Mariachis, and on weekends off the menu items, like ceviche.

Weston, Fl Location:
2203 N Commerce Pkwy

Weston, Fl
Phone: 954-515-0120

Pembroke Pines, Fl Location:
17722 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, Fl
Phone: 954-447-6262

UrbanSpoon Review

Yelp Review

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MASAN Asian Grill – Weston’s Best Kept Secret

Masan Asian Grill

I couldn’t believe, when I went to MASAN for the first time this week, that they have been open for almost one and a half years. I just heard about the place about 2 weeks ago… and it is fabulous. Chao told us “most of the clients have come by word of mouth and YELP “…  I decided to help spread the word about this place and in a matter of days I have told more than people about MASAN and they didn’t know it was there either. We are very fortunate to have a chef of his caliber provide us fresh, very fresh Asian food at such reasonable prices in Weston, where the choices to eat out are so limited. Chao was a chef for Cafe Sambal at Mandarin Oriental  Hotel (MIAMI), Hakkasan at Fontainbleau Hotel (MIAMI BEACH) and Makoto (BAL HARBOUR).

Creating your own stir-fry may be tempting but the rest of the menu looks too good to miss it. I just tried the stir-fry and the avocado egg rolls but I have selected already what I will have the next time I go… all mouth watering.

I can’t miss to mention that Chao Ma is as friendly that you feel you met him a long time ago. You can either dine-in, take out or ask for delivery!

Now you know about this great place in Weston, enjoy it, please help spread the word and YELP it!

Chao Ma - Masan Asian Grill Weston,Fl

MASAN Asian Grill
1924 Weston Road
Weston, FL 33326
In the Wendy’s Plaza
(954) 888-4689

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Mitch’s Westside Bagels Too Now in Weston!

Screen shot 2011-07-04 at 2.27.31 PM

Much More Than Bagels…

After I overheard some people talking about this place a few months ago, I finally went to have breakfast there this weekend. It was hard to decide what to have but I went for the Crispy French Toasts….it very good, but enough for at least 2 people. Servings are “Cheese Cake Factory Size” so I would suggest you share (it must be very common because there are charges for sharing).

You can’t miss the Ruggalach …they are delicious!

The Service is excellent and the complimentary corn breads are worth the calories.

For Breakfast they have of course Bagels (19 varieties to choose from) with many options of cheeses and smoke fish.; Eggs any style, Omelettes, Pancakes, French Toasts and Breakfast in Wraps.

For Lunch the menu includes Overstuffed Deli Sandwiches, Triple Decker Club Sandwiches, Homemade Knishes, Soups, Wraps, Salads, Burgers, Chicken Grills and Hot Dogs.

There is free Delivery for Catering Platters of which they offer a wide variety of options.

Weston’s Westside Bagels is one of five stores, other locations are Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Coral Springs and Wellington

2310 Weston Rd (Waterways II)
Weston, Fl
Phone: 954-446-6446
Fax: 954-446-6447

Hours of Operation:
6:30 to 3:00 7 Days a Week

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Domenick’s Pizzeria in Weston, Fl

Domenick's Pizzeria

Domenick’s Pizzeria & Fine Italian Food in Weston

The original DelVecchio Pizzeria owners found their way to a bigger place where they can offer full menu, take out and delivery. They opened one month ago in their new location.  They have been more than 30 years in the business; 20 of which in Florida.

For Breakfast they offer Bagels, Eggs and Breakfast Pizzas with a choice of toppings including eggs. The Cappuccino is very good!

For Lunch and Dinner you can choose from a variety of items, from soups, salads, a variety of fresh vegetable to wood burning pizzas, pastas and almost 30 Entrees. Some light choices are also available: organic whole-wheat pastas and pizzas, organic chicken, salmon and vegetables upon availability. Very soon they will be offering Lunch Specials

A variety of Nadia’s Desserts created by Nadia looking so good that you won’t be able to resist tasting them.  Homemade Italian Ice Cream, Italian Ices and the “true neighborhood treat Zeppoli’s leaves us with a flavor of Italy in the newer part of town.

As quoted from their Menu:
“When you dine here with us, be it were you born in New York or Weston, you get a sense of Nostalgia. This is the taste of your home always! We are the DelVecchio family of Weston…the One and Only
Remember, to experience real N.Y Pizza; you need to go eat at a real N.Y. Pizza Place!!! Thank for all your Support throughout the years. We are here to Serve you!!!

Domenick’s Pizzeria opens 7 days a week and is located at:
2600 Glades Circle North Suite# 1100
Weston Fl 33327
Phone: 954-659-7778

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Pizza Fusion in Weston-Be Green!

Pizza Fusion

Organic, Environment Friendly Pizzas… “Saving Earth, One Pizza at the Time”

In this world of branding and differentiation Pizza Fusion found its way to be unique. Not only more than 75% of the ingredients they use are organic but the restaurants are built and operated following “green” standards.

“Pizza Fusion has created a business model where Profitability is as important as our Social Responsibility”

In their menu (printed in Recycled Paper) along with a wide array of mouth watering Salads, Sandwiches and Pizzas only all-natural and organic soft drinks are available. Forget your unhealthy Cola, please! The pizzas are made fresh as they are ordered and you can also enjoy them at your office or home delivered in hybrid, electric and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Pizza Fusin has been named one of the “Greenest Businesses in America” by Co-Op America for a good reason. Just some of the facts…The tables are made from reclaimed wood sources, Countertops made from recycled glass bottles, Paints are low-VOC, Light Bulbs are CF’s and LED’s that save on energy use, Faucets and Toilets are low-flow, Earth-Friendly cleaning Products and what I found very interesting is that they offer a discount when customers return their pizza boxes for recycling.

With stores already open in 16 cities and many more to come this is a Must-See in Weston.

Pizza Fusion:
2378 Weston Rd
Weston, Fl 33326
(954) 641-5353

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La Rural Argentinian Market and Steak House in Weston Florida

One of the beauties of Weston and that we have the opportunity to travel around the world without leaving town. La Rural Argentinian Market and Restaurant

The market offers a variety of Argentinian goodies and meat cuts. At La Rural we can find the best steak for our Grill or if we don’t feel like cooking let them do it for you and stay in the Restaurant. The tables are in the Terrace overlooking a little lake in an extraordinary ambiance.The food is very good and the prices unbeatable. If you go don’t miss as appetizer the grilled provolone cheese with herbs along with a cup of red wine.

The owner is always there helping you find exactly what you are looking for and making sure the service is excellent.

On Friday and Saturday live music by Paul Stewart in the guitar allows you to enjoy a variety of melodies taking you to far away places.

Location: 2346 Weston Rd, Weston, FL? – (954) 389-5009?

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East City Grill at Weston Town Center

All Lunch Items at $ 9.95 Served in 30 Minutes and Themed All Night Long Happy Hours!

East City Grill Weston,FlI would call their Lunches “Affordable Gourmet”. Of all the times I have been there, no one has ever complained about the food or the Service; and that is awesome!

At East City Grill the food for Lunch is fantastic; Salads, Sandwiches/Wraps, Pasta, Cheese Burgers, Crispy Calamaris, Maine Lobster Bisque… My favorites are: Crispy Banana-Nut Crusted Goat Cheese Salad, Roasted Beet & Spinach Salad  and Champagne Poached Chicken Salad & Asparagus Wrap; you can order anything and you will never go wrong!!! I saw an ad in a local magazine that if you bring three friends you will get a Free Lunch… At night their entrees are so varied that you will find something to please your palate every time you go. You can search the wine list and as quoted from their website:

“East City Grill has one of the area’s most complete wine lists, provided by “Libation The Love of Wine”, winning a “Best of Award of Excellence” from the Wine Spectator. The restaurant is often a site for special culinary events centered around wine tasting in conjunction with noted California vineyards”

After work the fun Themed All Night Long Happy Hours…Monday Night Football, Double Shot Tuesdays, Ladies Night Wednesdays and Networking Thursdays.

There is a Private Room for Special Occasions and if you feel like breathing fresh air the terrace is incredible!!!

Location: 18000 Bell Tower Lane (Next to Bank of America) Weston,Fl 33326
Phone: (954) 659-3339
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Dinner: Sun-Thurs 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Fri-Sat 5:00 PM – Midnight
On-Line Reservations 24/7

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Of Course…The Cheese Course in Weston,Fl!

Gourmet Cheese, Sandwiches, Salads and Some More Delicious Treats!

Gourmet Cheese, Sandwiches, Salads and Some More Delicious Treats!

I always say: “If you didn’t go to The Cheese Course you haven’t been in Weston”

The Cheese Course is a must if you visit Weston,Fl. It has a lot of personality! You know you are not in a cookie cutter place. I remember, when they opened, it was conceived mostly as a specialty cheese store with a couple of tables to dine-in. They offered sandwiches, salads and cheese courses that you could enjoy with a cup of wine. The food was so good that they had to open more space for sitting and lately they have added a few new items to the menu, including some breakfast goodies.

Everything there is delicious but everyone has their “favorites” I have some friends that even know what number in the menu is their beloved item. Mine is the English Field Greens and I ask to substitute the Blue Cheese for Goat Cheese, the caramelized walnuts are to die for! I also love the Roasted Vegetables Sandwich and the Prosciutto Di Parma/Mozzarella/Fresh Tomatoes Sandwich. You can’t go wrong with anything you order. For a casual get together the cheese platters with accompaniments such as olives, sun-dried tomato pesto, cranberry relish, mango chutney…, are a party in itself. It becomes a learning experience about the different kind of cheeses and what better compliments its flavor and texture.You will also find the best French Baguettes that can be bought around here; to take home they are the only ones I have found to stay fresh and soft for more than a day. Either regular and whole wheat you will love them!

It is a fun place, while you wait there are tens of curious things to look at. At lunch time it looks crowded but I don’t know how it flows and by the time the food is ready (it takes only a few minutes) there is always an available table. I just have to warn you about something…if you are going to talk private business it is not the place to go in the busiest hours.

The people that work there is lovely and even in their hectic hours you will always see a smile in their faces!

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Weston Town Center
1679 Market Street (North End of Main Street)
Weston, Fl 33326

Great Food, Cheese Baskets, Catering, Gifts…
Share with us your Favorites!!!

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Pan Pa’Ya Brings the Flavors of Colombia to Weston


Pan Pa’Ya with more than 20 stores in Colombia opened a few years ago a store in Weston.With all of the traditional Colombian Bakery goodies such as Pan de Bono, their famous fresh fruit salad (Salpicon) and some of the traditional dishes loved all around the world.

On Fridays and Saturdays the soup of the day is the delicious “Ajiaco”. The mouthwatering combination of chicken, three different kinds of potatoes, cream, a spice called huasca, capers and avocado. If you have never tasted an Ajiaco…Don’t miss it!!!

Some of the other dishes you can find are: Arroz con Pollo (Chicken Rice), Vegetables and Green plantain Soup, Beef Soup, Chicken with Cream, Beans,…

Located in Waterways Shops 2 at 2362 Weston Road, Weston Fl 33326 (954)306-0600

For more information about pan pa’ya (sorry It’s in spanish) go to:


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Lutz Delight Frozen Yogurt-Southwest Ranches,FL

An 80 Calories Snack! Only if you eat half of it with no toppings…


You can choose between Original, Green Tea Flavors and the featured flavor of the month; this month it is pomegranate. With 21 toppings to choose from the possibilities are endless: strawberry, mango, almond, granola, kiwi, m&m, chocolate chips, Oreo. My son ordered one with captain crunch and pistachios, odd mix for sure, but enjoyed it very much.

The yogurt is made with Non Fat Lactose Free Milk with Non Fat Plain Yogurt with live and active cultures and 100% Organic Green Tea.

Why Yogurt?,
According to their website YOGURT:
-Provides essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
-Aids proper digestion.
-Increases one’s ability to burn off body fat.
-Excellent source of Calcium.
-Boosts the strength of the immune system.
-Promotes youthful, healthy skin from its resources of collagen.
-Serves as a nutritious substitute for any meal or tempting sweets.

They opened their first store a few months ago close to MUVICO Paradise 24 in Davie, Fl and are working on opening soon another store in  Sawgrass Mall – at the OASIS.

Lutz Delight:
15771 Sheridan St Soutwest Ranches Fl. 33331
Sun-Thu 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Fri-Sat  11:00 AM – Midnight

Coming Soon:
Sawgrass Oasis Space 1407
Sunrise Fl. 33323

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