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Serious Writers

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SERIOUS WRITERS is a team of authors who collectively encourage positive attitudes and strive for growth, regardless of their current level of experience. But wherever you are on your writing journey, we will make the trip as fun and enjoyable as possible. Join us and work with like minded members who share the goal of continuously improving their writing craft.


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The Lure of Easy Money in Publishing By: L. Avery Brown
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Important Post

Hello, Serious Writers.

I know I've not been around a lot but I do pop in from time to time to see what's going on. Also, I like to clean up the main thread line where people post promotions and advertisements. Typically, I do this by informing the person who issued the post <why> the post has been deleted while letting them know that they are more than welcomed to repost in the proper thread.

And that, as they say, is that.... Show more


I read it. It looks very futural. And yet...who knows. It might be the future. Or simply a way to post and get hacked. As you said...need to wait to see where this leads to.
Personally. ..I feel that it's another way to be controlled by 'Big Brother'. First of all, using bitcoin... Show more


The future is wonderful...and scary.

L. Avery Brown

No, you are correct in both assumptions. But not the paranoid part.

First, Bitcoin IS a way to get around not only the US government's way to collect taxes but also a way to get around the taxes imposed on digital purchases within certain US states and municipalities. As well as... Show more

148 Comments    Open  
Important Post

If you discover interesting articles on writing or related subjects, you can post them here.

We will post informative and helpful information from experts in the writing field -- topics that should appeal to those who are really serious about writing. Whenever possible, each author/writer will be given credit for their work and a link posted to their blog or website. Posts from BEFORE the BookRix changeover have been archived... Show more

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J.C. Laird
Rules, Rules, Rules. 9 Writing "Rules" Examined Rules barrage writers from all sides. This post dissects a few rules and presents examples of why they might (or might not) be valid.
J.C. Laird
How to Conquer Your Crutch Words: A Writer's Resource Crutch words contribute nothing more than fluff. These obnoxious weeds creep through your work and choke its vitality.
L. Avery Brown

RE: Rules, Rules, Rules. 9 Writing "Rules" Examined. - Terrific because it reminds us that some rules are a wee bit flexible!

PROMOTIONS and ADVERTISING This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. ... By: J.C. Laird
400 Comments    Open  
Important Post


This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. Tell us about your books, old or new, post links, pictures, blurbs and video promos.

Also use this link to post samples of your work and request comments/reviews. In short, put your work here; make it interesting and try to grab the visitor's attention. Get some publicity for that hard work of yours.

If you advertise books with adult... Show more

400 Comments | Show Earlier Comments
A troubled Army vet and a beautiful, lonely vampyre are drawn together on a desolate island. Their nightmarish pasts haunt them both, and their worst fears crash down upon them in blood and fire to destroy the... Show more

This comment was deleted.
J.C. Laird
Malek of Gath prepared for his battle to the death--a duel with the champion of the opposing army. He said goodbye to his concubine, Nisa, and rode his chariot to the battlefield with his shield-bearer, Kabeer. Malek... Show more

Need partners in help writing my first story By: Lyssigirl123
7 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Okay so I have a story that I've always wanted to write but im not a great writer so I want to know if thier are people who would be willing to listen to my idea and help me make this story a reality. My story is i don't know how to explain it's kinda YA because the characters are young but it's really dark I think it could be really good I just have problems putting ideas I have into words so if anyone wanna works with me it would be awesome

7 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

Everybody has good points. 1. You can really try it yourself, see what you get. 2. Find a partner. There are plenty of famous tandems in the writing world, but it has to be THE right fit. Someone who is a master wordsmith and flow artist, but doesn't have the creative story... Show more

munna mihir

I will help you! You can mail me through [email protected]


Above, see absolutely wonderful answers to your question, Lyssigirl. I've read examples of each of their work....any one of them could easily help :)

I have to say though, the prize for the winning and correct answer goes to Munna Mihir :)

Hi All By: patricknoels
1 Comment    Open  
Important Post

I just joined this site and this group. My name is Patrick Noels and I guess you can describe me as a creative content writer. I joined to gain more insight as this group is called serious writers :-)

1 Comment

Welcome to the group Patrick!

Which synopsis is better? By: jeffschanz
25 Comments    Open  
Important Post

!!***!! I edited this post.
Version #2 was consensus, so I'm just trying to perfect it now.
After feedback, and some clearer thinking, here's my latest version. Whatcha think?
Brandt wakes up in the ocean, floating on the wreckage of a boat he doesn't remember being aboard.

Through bleary eyes, and faltering consciousness, he witnesses someone saving him, but doesn't know who. But when he wakes up again, he is in a house on... Show more

25 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

Gracias, Mr. Laird. I will def give one more round with agents a whirl, but my expectations are now on low fuel. It's alright, and I'll just adapt to next best path available.


I believe 2018 is the start of the golden age of independent authors.....The advent of
independent platforms like BookRix is comparable to the Gutenberg Press....I believe authors that "get" social media will create their own space....
We' re currently "between" 1st & 2nd... Show more


I'm damned well gonna give it my best try. Thanks, Danny.

A blog Q&A with one of my protagonist characters? By: jeffschanz
8 Comments    Open  
Important Post

I thought of this idea the other day. I have no idea if anyone else has ever done it, but it seems like fun. For one of my book characters (I'm not saying which book or which character) I thought it may be fun to have them appear on my author webpage and answer questions like they were a real person. The biggest question would be if they answer questions about their fake job, -OR- if they are taking questions like they are... Show more

8 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

You can't make that stuff up. Too hilarious. I'm serious LOLing.


According to Tom Stoppard, characters flip coins endlessly when not inside their fiction world. But, apparently, yours hit the banks up for loans. I'd check the credit card statements too for odd charges from Las Vegas or Disneyland. ;)


Hahaha!!! Good idea!

Guillaume By: Guillaume Mwamba
4 Comments    Open  
Important Post



Hi Guillaume. Welcome to Serious Writers if this is your first time. If not -- disregard. I'm new too.

Guillaume Mwamba

Well, I have been here would you like to read one of my stories?


Thank you for the invite. Unfortunately I'm not interested in spiritual stories, and am a poor judge of them. But I'm sure there are others here somewhere who would be much better. Perhaps in this group, or perhaps not. I noticed there are a few more spiritually oriented groups... Show more

Guillaume Mwamba

Okay, if I may ask why not interesting in spiritual stories?

Subtitle Prologue: of "CROWN"
At the age of 12, Mongress developed an illness of her eyes, after five years of treatment, she received her sight back that have flame within. 18 months later, Princess Mongress became... Show more

A poem called "The Lost Gift" By: dardora
4 Comments    Open  
Important Post

I wrote This story or this poem talks about my life or even the life in general, how my dads death affected me in a horrible way and it wasn’t an easy thing to go through and all these things that are called friendships are lies.


Hi dardora. I don't know if you're newer than me (I've only been kicking around here for a couple of weeks), but I wanted to welcome you here if so. I have no ability at all to judge poetry, but I know there's a bunch of poet members on Bookrix. I'm sure some of them will... Show more


Hello Jeff, yeah i guess i am newer than you, i have joined today. And i don't think its a poem or even a story. Its something i wrote from deep inside, i wanted to share my life experiences with other people. Just to express the painful memories. U can consider it a piece of... Show more


Again, I'm a poor judge of these sorts of things, but I'll give it s serious look when I get home from work. I'll check back in later tonight :)


First I want to say this so you understand where I'm coming from. I lost my father to Alzheimer's last year. He was a vibrant man, athletic, played tennis everyday, sailed, road motorcycles, flew airplanes, and was an Air Force pilot. And for 7 long years I watched him turn into... Show more

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