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New to BookRix

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Welcome to BookRix! This is a group created especially for newbies on BookRix and for BookRix to share their info with you!Here you can create new threads to ask questions and meet other new members. PLEASE NO BOOK PROMOTIONS IN THIS GROUP


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How to get noticed on BookRix By:
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Important Post

Do you feel like no one knows who you are here? Do you feel like you upload your books but no one bothers to read or comment on them? Are you not getting the feedback that you are looking for?

Well, don’t fret. BookRix knows that in the beginning it can be tough being the new kid on the block but we have some tips to get you noticed.

1. Read and comment on the books of other members – If you want members to read and comment on... Show more

Etiquettes in Giving Critiques. (The Why and How of Criticisms) A list of reasons, do’s and don’ts that we need to consider in writing comments, reviews or feedback to our fellow writers. I randomly selected some comments written by Bookrix members, which can ...
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Deu' Angel

Nice Info

Deu' Angel

Nice Info

This comment was deleted.
File Upload with Divided Chapters - You can get by with a little help from your friends By:
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Important Post
How to Upload a File with Divided Chapters This is a simple guide to help those authors who wish to upload a file and automatically separate the chapters in the BookRix editor. In doing so, a table of contents is also automatically created.
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i dont think, one can download here, have been trying to download since i signed up here, please if there is any one that knows how to cracked the code please comment


My Name is Ann Hester I am a lady.I will be happy if you can inbox me [email protected] because i have something to discuss with you,
OK Thanks

Deleted User

You can even do this on an android device. Download WPS Office (formally known as Kingsoft Office) in Google Play store or Amazon AppStore or 1Mobile Market. Then tap the red plus sign to create a new document. Up top you press the "Edit" button and somewhere should say "Style".... Show more

Need help? Click here to get all the answers you need about our Free Self-Publishing service, s... By:
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Important Post

Need help?

Click here to get all the answers you need about our Free Self-Publishing service, site navigation, community, and much more!

BookRix – Support & Help With the community you can create, publish and sell your own eBooks online. Download, read and discuss free books online. Connect with authors and readers.
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This comment was deleted.
If you need help with something, ask in this group. We'll be happy to help you around the site. T... By: Deleted User
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Important Post

If you need help with something, ask in this group. We'll be happy to help you around the site. There are groups you can join, we help each other out in them. Just click the links and join.

Serious writers is a team of authors who collectively encourage positive attitudes and strive for growth regardless of their current level of experience.

Better writers is the group to join if... Show more

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Deleted User

how can i get my poetry manuscript publish on here?

This comment was deleted.

Is it possible to write poems on BookRix?

Hi all you Newbies out there! We don't want you to be shy. We want to know about you and help get... By: BookRix
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Important Post

Hi all you Newbies out there! We don't want you to be shy. We want to know about you and help get your feet wet with BookRix.

Tell us about yourself, like your hobbies, interests, how you found out about BookRix, genres that you like, etc.

Get involved in group discussions, add friends, let us know what you are writing about or reading. The more you are involved with BookRix, the more BookRix can do for you.

Feel free to ask... Show more

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Hi Manix,
For detailed info, try this:

As far as who and what Bookrix is? A lot of things. I joined to interaction with other aspiring and accomplished authors. Other folks are looking for more poetry or expression outlets. There's a mix of... Show more


Hey, I'm K.M. I would love to read your story.


Hello Miss Piggy (KM). Whose story are you wanting to read? Anyone's or someone specific? A lot of folks have their books readily downloadable or readable from their profiles. And some of us only have samples available, have links to published works elsewhere, or might be... Show more

Hi out there By: H, J, Macey.
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Important Post

Just thought you lot might like to look at this it might just help?


Very good information....BookRix is about writers helping each other.....Have a great weekend, Danny....


This is very informative. Thank you for sharing it!

H, J, Macey.

Just glad to help I might just start a new trend?



hwy i cant save the books i want.the link for download is there. but i cant save it By: iva
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Important Post

hwy i cant save the books i want.the link for download is there. but i cant save it

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ davebccanada ♥

Have you been able to normally save a novel? I use EPUB and it doesn'r save so I lose whatever I downloaded when I close it down unless I use copy and paste it to Word. EPUB is free but just the basic reader.


Maybe you mean downloading someone else's book? Most of the links work fine for me. Might be a browser thing. Try a different one. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, whatever.

H, J, Macey.

This might sound condescending but have you gone to your computer downloads in documents if I download anything from the web they end up there JUST A THOUGHT.

New here By: Boardkitty
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Important Post

Hi! I'm new here and brand new to writing. I spend all my free time reading, books are my passion but I've never enjoyed writing. A couple weeks ago I was visiting my parents and my mom had a box of books I wrote when I was little and it reminded me that I used to love writing books. I even wrote a whole novel in eighth grade that I then threw away because I was embarrassed by it. I decided to try writing again and I've found... Show more


Welcome, boardkitty!


Welcome to BookRix! This is actually a great place to post your work for constructive feedback. It's pretty easy, too, but since you're new to the site, you may run into a snag or two. A while back I posted a "book" of step-by-step instructions to make the process a bit... Show more

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ davebccanada ♥

Welcome to BookRix, the finest without question of the self publishing sites. You will find that many of us have a wide selection of books we do not publish to the public for various reasons. Many times it is so we can garner criticism or compliments on our creations. The way we... Show more


Welcome boardkitty:)

You can post your stories/books at so many groups here...just not in The Coffee Shop (por favor). Just go ahead and create the book, then put it out there using the options available when you create it. DO announce it at The Reading List, and don't forget the... Show more

Secret of Epping Forest By: bridgy
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Important Post

I published my very first book a few days ago!
I know that a lot of people on here probably advertise their books this way, and many may ignore it, but I encourage you to take a look at mine. If you are a fan on romance and mystery then I think this may interest you. I write about things that I am passionate about...and I worked very hard to make my life long dream a reality....Now I'm rambling. Please...PLEASE take a look.... Show more

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